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Leading adult education through support for and the effective application of technology.

Online Course

What is the Digital Learning Guidance Course?

The Digital Learning Guidance online course is a Canvas course designed to introduce adult educators and program staff to The California Adult Education Digital Learning Guidance ("Digital Learning Guidance"). This course is a gateway to the world of digital learning for adult education, a resource designed with the shared insights of state and national experts, educators, support staff, and school leaders.

There are six learning modules, one for each of the chapters (2-7) in the Digital Learning Guidance. As you navigate this learning experience, you will encounter a variety of content and activities for each module, including:

  • An introduction to key concepts from each chapter
  • Automated quizzes that can serve as a review of those concepts
  • Learning experiences that can be used to apply these ideas into classrooms and programs

This course is not just an exploration of the Digital Learning Guidance; it is a journey towards transformative, inclusive, and effective learning experiences for adult learners.

How will this benefit me professionally?

Expert Insights: The course is based on the insights of state and national experts, educators, and school leaders, providing participants with access to valuable expertise and best practices in the field of digital learning.

Digital Empowerment: The course empowers participants to enhance their digital literacy and deliver high-quality content to learners.

Resource for Future Reference: Participants can use the course as a resource even after completion to refer back to the Digital Learning Guidance materials and modules for ongoing support and guidance in their digital efforts.

In summary, this course equips adult educators and program staff with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively incorporate digital learning into their programs, ensure equitable access, improve teaching strategies, and create a positive and inclusive online learning environment.

What is the time commitment?

You can anticipate dedicating approximately 1 to 2 hours on each module throughout the duration of this course, which is structured to be completed within a 6-week timeframe.

For more information

For more information about OTAN's Digital Learning Guidance course, send an email to Include your name and phone number in the message with "DLG Information" in the subject line.

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