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Introducing the California Adult Education Canvas Commons!

Taking into account valuable feedback the OTAN Adult Ed Canvas team received from educators across the state, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of the California Adult Education Canvas Commons. This exciting new Canvas platform welcomes and invites ALL California adult education practitioners to openly collaborate, share resources, and connect with one another.

Upcoming OTAN Activities - September

Upcoming OTAN Activities - September

Financial Literacy Resource Bank

“A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what ifs of life.” Suze Orman

Gratitude Languages: How to Support a Culture of Appreciation

This article, written by Chris Bronke & Dr. Erin Ludwick suggests some basic ideas which intentionally build a culture of appreciation. A must read for any leader or educator, an expression of gratitude either by text or written note can “work magic for our mindsets.” What better way to motivate colleagues and adult learners than by taking time to both give and receive messages of appreciation?

Upcoming OTAN Activities - September

Upcoming OTAN Activities - September

Report on Technology and Distance Learning for California Adult Education Now Available

Earlier this summer, OTAN submitted to the California Department of Education a report entitled Technology and Distance Learning for California Adult Education. The report covers a wide range of topics, including enrollment data, student access to and use of technology, teacher use of technology and thoughts about technology integration, waiting lists, and barriers to learning. The report concludes with a section on factors that should be considered for future research and reporting.

Building Digital Communities of Practice

With the ever-evolving new additions to online learning and technology, educators cannot possibly keep up with all necessary professional development to support “digital age learning.” To address this conundrum, SkillRise, an ISTE Initiative, has published two toolkits to “help meet a need for connection” and learning with their cost-free published toolkits entitled How to Build a Digital Community Practice.

Differentiated Learning and Technology: A Powerful Combination

Educators realize the importance of innovative technologies for students in the classroom. As with any new tool, people, including instructors, need time to experiment and decide its usefulness. Post-pandemic, teachers, especially those who personalize learning for their students, realize “technology has potential to transform learning.”

Upcoming OTAN Activities – August and September

Listed below are Upcoming OTAN Activities for the month of August as of 8/23/23. Check OTAN’s Upcoming Professional Development: for the most up to date information. We are adding events all the time.

OTAN will be closed Monday, September 4th for Labor Day

OTAN will be closed Monday, September 4th for Labor Day.

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