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Leading adult education through support for and the effective application of technology.

Teaching with Technology

Teaching with Technology

The Teaching with Technology tool is designed to help adult education teachers locate lesson plans that can be used as-is or modified for use with your learners. The lesson plans integrate technology tools in a way that engages students, enhances their learning, and extends their learning beyond the class.

Look for a program area to match your lesson:

Featured Resource

This month's featured resource is also discussed in the Web-based Class Activity Using Accessibility Features to Help ALL of Our Students Improve Their Learning .
Accessibility Features for ALL Our Learners

Activity Description

Accessibility is a requirement to meet the needs of our learners with disabilities, but as we include these features in our lessons, we improve the success for all our learners.

Has EEE Lesson Plan

Program Areas

ABE: Adult Basic Education, ESL: English as a Second Language, ASE: High School Equivalency Preparation, ASE: High School Diploma, CTE: Career Technical Education, AwD: Adults with Disabilities


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