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Leading adult education through support for and the effective application of technology.

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ChatGPT: Risks, Challenges, and the Future Many people think that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is new, but translation services, speech recognition, personalized learning with language learning apps, and grammar/spelling checkers are all forms of AI that we have become accustomed to.
What’s New in Online Civics Education and Citizenship Prep? Seven new online civics education and citizenship resources from USCIS, LINCS, and more.
Classroom Video on Demand and Learn360 in the Blended Classroom Learn360 is a great resource for blended learning. With Learn360, you can have your learners watch a video or complete a game or activity to support what you are teaching in the classroom.
Guidance From the Guidance: An Agency's Approach to the California Adult Education Digital Learning Guidance It has been almost three years since our world changed along with most aspects of education. COVID 19 became a worldwide pandemic and our way of teaching and delivering instruction changed 180 degrees in a matter of days.
Introduction to OERs Open Educational Resources, or OERs, are openly licensed teaching and learning materials.
5 Tech Tools to Try with Adult Learners Try these five tech tools and notice adult learner engagement increase.
5 Tips for Engaging All Learners with Digital Literacy Many educators are exploring new ways to engage learners online. Engagement for Adults with Disabilities can be especially challenging due to a lack of professional support for educators.
Survey, Quiz, and Schedule Appointments Skillfully with Google Forms It’s time to review what you know already about Google Forms and move forward learning and practicing some newer features to make your work life more efficient and productive.
Blended Learning in Adult Education What will our "new normal" look like post pandemic? What lessons have we learned that we can utilize?
Retooling Zoom for a Blended Classroom Although many districts have reopened schools for face-to-face instruction, there is still a need to continue to use Zoom in a blended class.
Accelerate Learning with EdReady EdReady is a personalized math and English readiness learning system that evaluates the skills of each student in the context of their goal and then provides a learning pathway to mastery.
With Games, Students Examine their Understanding of and Apply New Vocabulary March's Web Based Activity
WizerMe for Wizer Online Worksheets Imagine a free website where you can create beautiful augmented worksheets for your students in minutes using an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard. Now imagine you get access to thousands of worksheets created by instructors across all levels and subject matter. Too good to be true? Nope. WizerMe is an online worksheet creator.
Adding Licensing and Attributions to Your Work for OER As educators, we often enjoy collaborating with other educators and sharing ideas, lessons, curriculum, and materials that we create.  This spirit of sharing prompted the educational community to begin curating materials to be shared in what is known as Open Educational Resources (OER). 
Women's History Month Women's history month
Veterans Day Here are some Web sites to check into for more on Veterans Day events and information. Appropriate for High School/GED, ESL and Older adults.
Thanksgiving Sites Here are some great sites to teach students about the Thanksgiving holiday.
HippoCampus: Free Resources to Enrich the Student Experience HippoCampusExternal Link Icon opens in new window or tab is a searchable database of more than 7000 free videos and multimedia resources in the National Repository of Online Courses (NROC) library.
NoRedInk: Use It to Improve Writing Skills NoRedInk is a fun tool to help students improve their writing skills. Students learn grammar, mechanics, usage, and style by using a curriculum based on their favorite celebrities, friends, TV shows, and more.
Web Sites for Teaching and Learning about Thanksgiving There are abundant myths about the history of Thanksgiving. You can help students learn about this original American holiday and untangle facts from fiction by planning lessons with or simply including online activities using the sites in this month's Web Based Activity.
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