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CK-12 Is for Adult Education

Posted on 03/27/2023

What is CK-12?

Despite its name, CK-12 designates a section of their online platform to Adult Education. CK-12 houses FlexBooks 2.0. A FlexBook is a digital textbook that a teacher can create, or download a community contributed one, that uses simulations, videos, interactive activities, AI-assisted adaptive practices, and quizzes. Teachers acquire available resources cost free as Open Educational Resources (OER). Also, an educator can upload existing content and modify or add to it as necessary for individual needs.

5 ready made FlexBooks for Adult Basic Education

This picture showcases five already made FlexBooks for Adult Basic Education Courses. These community created digital textbooks focus on Foundational Math, Interactive Math, and Pre-Algebra. A teacher could use any of these options as a springboard for a class to modify or add to it or keep it as is. CK-12 integrates with Google Classroom, Canvas or Schoology.

What FlexBooks Are Available for Adult Education?

In March 2021, OTAN partnered with CK-12 to construct a series of FlexBooks 2.0 specifically customized for high school diploma and equivalency learners. The series has grown to include other program areas such as CTE (Career and Technical Education), and ESL (English Second Language) with a variety of content options to integrate within curricular areas. Additionally, instructors can access other available FlexBooks in any grade or content area within the site.

CK-12 Adult Education Website

What Is the Cost?

No cost. As mentioned earlier, these Open Educational Resources are available to anyone who signs up for them.

What Other Additional Products Are Available To Enhance Adult Learning?

Also available on the CK-12 website are many products which enhance interactive learning. For instance, a teacher can use a simulation to understand Physics or Chemistry phenomenon. PLIX allows for a manipulative experience with math and science concepts. For the student who needs personalized, systematic practice, CK-12 has an Adaptive Practice to browse. Study Guides help students review concepts with key information and there are many available. Lastly, a teacher might want to gain more knowledge about CK-12 and can become a Certified Educator with an asynchronized, badge earning course.

Additional Products to Enhance Adult Learning

To conclude, if this resource fits with your instructional needs, browse through the many links and videos offered on our CK-12 Curriculum Offer Webpage.

Also, OTAN offers cost-free professional development for any California Adult Education Agency. To schedule, contact us by email at, or give us a call at (916) 228-2580

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