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Web Activities for February Holidays This short month is chock-full of holidays, occasions for both romantic and serious lesson themes and accompanying Web activities.
Vocabulary Builders Ah... summertime. Barbecues, long afternoons, vacation. What a great time to build one's repertoire of word knowledge. That's right. Encourage students to learn 100 new words this summer. Here are some ways to get started.
United States Presidents Use these sites in your studies of Presidents.
Sites for Creating Interactive and Printable Vocabulary Exercises There are many Web sites that allow you to create both interactive and printable word puzzles which can help with language development. Give some of these a try. You may find one you cannot live without.
Special Days & Events in May Teaching those new to America or those who have grown up here but are not sure how various holidays began, can be fun and informative. Take a look at some of these May holidays. There are also some dates that have been set aside by congressional or presidential proclamation as National Days of _______. Hopefully one will spark some interest and generate some topics for conversation. Some are appropriate for ABE, ASE, ESL or Older Adults.
Electronic Portfolios for Documenting Student Progress and Publication of Class Work An electronic portfolio is an online showcase of a student’s work, which can include writing, images, artwork, links, and multimedia.
Applied Digital Skills with Applied Digital Skills is a free curriculum designed to help students learn digital skills while using them in practical life applications like budgeting, planning an event, or writing.
Build Students’ Digital and Information Literacy with Checkology The amount of information online is staggering, and with one in four U.S. adults online "almost constantly", the ability to scrutinize online information before commenting, sharing, or acting on it is reaching a critical point.
Create Flashcards and Games Easily with Flippity Flippity is a powerful tool that takes the information you enter on a Google Sheet template and then quickly and easily creates numerous online games to help students.
Trello in Education Trello is a visual collaboration tool that can be used for lesson planning, class organization, student research, organizing writing assignments, project based learning and more. It is free.
Enlighten, Entertain, and Enliven Your Class with Film Enlighten, Entertain, and Enliven Your Class with Film
Video Messaging with Loom Loom is a new free Chrome Extension that allows you to quickly record a video message and/or screencast and then share it immediately with students and colleagues.
EDpuzzle - A Fast and Easy Video Quiz Creator EDpuzzle is a great resource for utilizing video with students at any level. EDpuzzle allows you to take any video and add interactive elements. It is free and easy to use.
Using Symbaloo in the Classroom What is Symbaloo? Originally I would have answered it is a bookmarking app— a place to gather all your web addresses and videos to make navigating online easier for your students
Flipgrid: Promoting Critical Thinking Skills and Engaging Students Flipgrid: Promoting Critical Thinking Skills and Engaging Students Flipgrid is an easy to use video discussion platform, which has numerous applications in the adult education classroom.
Finding and Evaluating Online Information: Information Fluency Today, more than ever before, our students must know how to find information online, evaluate its validity, and cite sources correctly. One excellent site to help us with these tasks is Information Fluency (previously 21st Century Information Fluency)
TED-Ed for Interactive Video Lessons A TED-Ed lesson combines a TED-Ed original video with questions, resources and extra reading, and a discussion forum.
Formative Assessments Formative Assessments
Newspapers in Our Classrooms Newspapers in Our Classrooms
Instant Grammar Checker! The Grammarly ( application is a great way to help your students with their grammar and writing skills. As they type, Grammarly underlines grammar errors and spelling mistakes and allows them to correct their mistakes as they work. Students can also upload their essays to Grammarly and then receive immediate feedback on spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and style. When you are finished making any corrections, you can download the document to your desktop. The application is available on your Web browser so that online responses, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail, can be easily checked for grammar errors.
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