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TV411: Tune in to Learning Basic Math Word Problems


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Activity Description

Image of Homepage for TV 411 Math activities
Source: TV411 Tune in to Learning Math (License: Protected by Copyright (c) [i.e. screenshot])

This site has many activities which can be done independently by a student or in a class with a group of students. This will be a Basic Math activity. Students will watch the video: Buying for Triplets. Discuss the problem setup. Use the Example Document to work on more word problems. (Answer sheet is included in the second Example Document.) If classroom computers are available, there is also an online, interactive Web Lesson on How to Use a Calculator.


  1. Preview the Example Web Site (link above).
  2. Select the video: Buying for Triplets.
  3. Download and print copies of the Example Document, Basic Math Word Problems. Also download and print a copy of the answer sheet for yourself.


  1. Introduce word problems.
  2. Present video, Buying for Triplets .
  3. Ask students to review how to figure the answer.
  4. Hand out Example Document, Basic Math Word Problems.
  5. In pairs have students work out the problems.
  6. As a class, check the answers (Example Document, Answers to Basic Math Word Problems)
  7. Assign the interactive web lesson on Using a Calculator .

Teacher Tips

  • Discuss any necessary math vocabulary with the class before watching the video.

More Ways

  • This Web site has more videos on Basic Math topics: Area and Tiles, Budgets in Place, Carpenter Math, Estimating a Job, and Tracking Weight Loss.
  • Web lesson topics include Using a Calculator, Pricing a Job, Place Value, Line Graphs, Bar graphs, and Comprehending Business Problems.

Program Areas

  • ABE: Adult Basic Education
  • ESL: English as a Second Language
  • ASE: High School Diploma


  • Low
  • Intermediate
  • High
  • All Levels
  • Intermediate Low
  • Intermediate High
  • Advanced

Lesson Plan

Engagement Enhancement

Discuss ways we use math daily. Turn to your neighbor and list three math problems you used today.

Share as a class these examples. Make a list, Can use Padlet, Flipgrid, Shared Google Slides or a whiteboard.

Engagement Enhancement

The website TV411 has dections on Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Math, Science, Finance and En Espanol. 

Today we will be focusing on Basic Math problem: multiplication review. 

Engagement Enhancement

The lesson is Video: Buying for Triplets.

Watch the video as a class or in pairs sharing devices. Turn to your neighbor and discuss what you learned.

Hand out the Math Activity Document. In pairs, students do the first problem.

Have two students come to the board. The first student is the voice, the second student in the hand. The two students go through the first problem on the worksheet (write-up of the math in the video.) The rest of the students watch to see if the problem was done correctly.

Engagement Enhancement

In pairs, students finish the worksheet. Check the answers with the answer sheet.

For problems 2-6, student pairs use Padlet, Jamboard or Google Slides to demonstrate the problems.


Engagement Enhancement

As pairs students create three multi-step problems. Share the problems on a Jamboard, Padlet or Google Slides.


Engagement Enhancement

Students solve the student made problems.

Gather as a class. A pair of students go to the board, one speaks the other writes to answer each of the questions. Group checks the work.

Engagement Enhancement Extension

The website CK12 has many lessons on multiplication in math, Interactives, video, and practice.

Student pairs or small groups share the different resources to learn more



  • Math
    • Whole Number Skills
  • Reading
    • Consumer Skills
    • Critical Thinking/Decision Making
    • Employability
    • Health
    • Learning to Learn
    • Vocabulary
  • Writing
    • Basic Sentences


  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking
    • 3.OA.1-3 - Represent and solve problems involving multiplication and division.
    • 3.OA.5-6 - Understand properties of multiplication and the relationship between multiplication and division.
    • 3.OA.7 - Multiply and divide within 100.
    • 3.OA.9 - Solve problems involving the four operations, and identify and explain patterns in arithmetic.
    • 4.OA.4 - Gain familiarity with factors and multiples.


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