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Supporting adult English language learners' transitions to postsecondary education

Series or Serial: Briefs

Publisher: Center for Adult English Language Acquisition

Published At: Washington, DC

Date Published: September 2006

Distributor: Center for Applied Linguistics

Source Address: 4646 40th Street, N.W.

Source City/State/Zip: Washington DC 20016-1859

Phone: (202)-362-0700

Material Type: Information Analysis

Intended Audience: Mentor/Teacher/Trainer

Physical Media: Print

Physical Description: 6 p.

Subjects: Adult Education; English (Second Language); Postsecondary Education; Academic Achievement; Educational Counseling; Educational Research

This brief focuses on adult English language learners transitioning from ESL programs to postsecondary education, discussing research-based strategies for the ESL classroom to support students engaged in that process. Understanding the requirements of the process is necessary to successfully support transitioning ELLs. Statistics show the income gap between individuals with and those without postsecondary education is growing rapidly; and, the majority of jobs paying enough to support a family require skills that cannot be obtained with just a high school education. The brief also includes a description of program features that administrators might offer to support ELLs transitioning to post-secondary education. References are provided.

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