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Leading adult education through support for and the effective application of technology.

YouTube in Adult Education


Learn to use YouTube from basic to advanced based on your program needs. This virtual workshop will be available upon request of an adult education agency (CA only) that meet all requirements**. Topics and focus will be available for customization by the requesting agency.

Topics range the gambit of basic to advanced and can include (but not limited to):

  • setting up a Youtube account,
  • searching for/finding videos to share with students,
  • creating and building strong playlists for adult learners,
  • uploading videos and privacy settings,
  • adding and editing captions,
  • creating a personal or program YouTube channels,
  • identifying appropriate channel settings,
  • managing a channel,
  • and more!

This online workshop will be scheduled as a "hands-on" and all participants should be able to follow along on their own computer or laptop while in an online session (Zoom).

The confirmation message received after registration will give an overview of what topics will be covered during the session.

Participants will be asked to use a laptop or desktop computer where 2 browser windows may be opened to follow along with the presenter.

** For more information about scheduling requirements, please contact with subject "Training Information Needed."



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