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* What is it Like to be Part of DLAC? *


In these panel discussions of 2019-2020 Digital Leadership Academy (DLAC), graduates of DLAC will discuss everything from the application process to their individual projects through the two year academy and outcomes. Different DLAC teams will be represented at different webinars.

Discussions will include the application process, the original projects, the DLAC support process, how projects changed over the course of 2 years, and the individual as well as program outcomes.

Attendees will be encouraged to ask questions - especially those that would like a greater understanding of DLAC or those considering the DLAC application process.

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An OTAN Certificate of Attendance will not be awarded for this webinar.
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This online webinar is part of OTAN's "COVID-19" summer series.

In its effort to serve the Adult Education field during COVID-19 , OTAN will be hosting *Special Webinars* related to distance and remote learning techniques, online tools and resources, keeping equity, and a variety of other topics.



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