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Offline Internet: Deliver Instruction Anywhere


No internet? No problem!

As technology changes and the use of technology expands, adult educators find they need more tools and options in their tech toolkits, especially as adult education services expand through consortia and community partnerships into school and non-school settings where access issues present connectivity challenges.

This workshop showcases how using a hotspot device can help to deliver educational content to learners in these situations. RACHEL (Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning) provides a “copy of the internet” through free Open Educational Resources curated from across the web and made available for download to use offline. The flexibility of the small hotspot device also allows teachers to upload their own resources and make them available to learners in classrooms or remote spaces who have limited access to the internet. This workshop provides an opportunity to connect to and explore a RACHEL device and discuss possible local options of how your agency or teachers could use this low-cost device helping all users access educational materials and gain critical digital literacy skills.

Prerequisites: All participants must have basic computer skills and know their login information for a work or personal email address.

For more information about this and other OTAN workshops, contact OTAN at or call 916-228-2580.




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