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Microsoft Office Pt. 1 - OneDrive


Microsoft Office 365 is powered by the cloud - its applications and files can be accessed from virtually anywhere using a PC, Mac, and even a smart phone. This workshop is part one of a series and will focus on OneDrive.

Learn to use the OneDrive on your PC or tablets from any location as well as how to manage and recover files.

OneDrive: In this workshop, you will learn how to use Microsoft OneDrive on your PC or tablets from any location. OneDrive allows saving and sharing files and they are always available where there is internet access. Participants will learn how to access and use the service; how to manage and recover files; how to upload, organize, copy, and delete files; how to view your photos in elegant galleries and slideshows and more as time allows.

Prerequisites: Participants should have their own Office365 account and be able to login to it online. Please be sure to test your login and have it with BEFORE you attend the workshop.

For more information about this and other OTAN Workshops contact OTAN at or call 916-228-2580.


1.5 hours


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