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Google: Customized!


This hands-on workshop will be customized to cover any Google Tool or feature not listed to fit the needs of the requesting site. Participants will learn how adult education staff can fit specific Google tools and/or apps into their program and classroom.

Topics can include but are not limited to: GMail, Calendars and Tasks, Add-Ons in Drive, Creating Interactive Assignments with Apps, Google Draw and Slides, and many more. Topics of the customized Google workshop are only limited by the imagination of the requesting AE site.

This custom-built Google workshop can also be scheduled as a series where each workshop builds upon the last. Site training coordinators should contact and discuss workshop details with OTAN before scheduling.

Note: As workshops are added to the CA Training Calendar the workshop description/confirmation will reflect the nature of the workshop.

All participants MUST be able to Sign In to a Google account (EDU or Public).

For more information about this and other OTAN Workshops contact OTAN at or call 916-228-2580.


3 hours


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