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CK-12: Free Digital Textbooks for Adult Education (Series)


Adult learners now have a space on the CK-12 website with FlexBooks® 2.0 specifically customized for high school and equivalency learners.

CK-12 helps tailor the learning to individual student needs and they offer teachers suggested steps for struggling learners and automatic grading. Each FlexBook® 2.0 is filled with simulations, videos, interactive activities, and adaptive practice.

Truly this is the future of adult education and it is all free!

Part 1: will be an Introduction to CK-12 for Adult Education - CK-12 creates high-quality and free resources that are easy to use in any type of remote, hybrid, or in-class learning situation. We’ll walk you through best practices in navigating the site for Adult Education resources and do a thorough demonstration of all the features in the deeply interactive digital textbooks (FlexBooks® 2.0). You'll feel confident in exploring the site and leave with impactful resources ready-to-use with your adult learners.

Part 2: Getting Started with FlexBooks® 2.0 - Ready to create your account and make/enhance your first book? Part 2 is an opportunity to learn how to use CK-12 in your classroom. We will show you how to use CK-12 platform to customize the existing Adult Education FlexBooks® or even create your own from scratch. It is so easy, you can work on it tonight and use it tomorrow! We will also show you how to modify lessons to include your own practice, quizzes, and more!

Part 3: FlexBook® 2.0 Showcase & Support - Time to show off the digital FlexBooks® you have made! This is the perfect opportunity to share ideas, ask questions, and celebrate the new FlexBooks® 2.0 we created together. We will show you how to create classes in CK-12 or through an LMS, to make assignments, and to track student progress. We will also show you some amazing CK-12 advanced features and make sure you know how to publish and share your book with others.

Register for the webinars as they appear on the CA Adult Education Professional Development Calendar or when announced by OTAN.

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An OTAN Certificate of Attendance will only be awarded to those that have pre-registered and attend at least 75% of the scheduled time.
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