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Putting English to Work in Moodle (PETW)


Moodle is OTAN’s course management system for adult education agencies in California. This session is to allow teachers to explore and understand the new Putting English to Work courses available for ESL programs. The facilitator will explain how the course is set up for ease of access for both learners AND teachers. The first session will be a deep dive to explore the course in order to help teachers decide if they want to use this course as part of their curriculum offering for next fall. Participants will have time to explore the course activities and understand how activities are graded by the system as well as by the teacher. Participants will also explore the role of the instructor and review how teachers monitor student progress, review automatic grading and complete manual grading (especially the essay questions). You will also review how to manage learners by adding/dropping them from the course roster. Additional discussions regarding how agencies recruit, orient, and retain learners in the course will help teachers decide whether they wish to use the course in the future.

Prerequisites: Comfortable using a computer, navigating the Internet and using email.

For more information about this and other OTAN Workshops contact OTAN at or call 916-228-2580.




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