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Symposium Schedule

PLEASE NOTE: Presentations and session times are subject to change.

Friday, March 10

Board Room 101
Lab 121
Lab 606
Room 104
Room 110
Room 124
Session 2
11:10 AM–12:10 PM
6. EL Civics Blended Learning
—de la Vega
(RM: Smith)
8. Best Practices in Implementation of Digital WIOA Technology Survey
—Abajian, Prince, Cassim, Hrycyna
(RM: Hernandez)
Rooms 105+107
Lunch/Tech Slam!
12:10–1:10 PM
11. #AdultEdu EdTech Share Slam
—Marceta, Pearson
(RM: Small)
Board Room 101
1:20–2:20 PM
12. Digital Literacy; A Call to Action
(RM: Thomas)
Lab 121
Lab 606
Room 104
Room 110
Room 124
Session 3
2:30–3:30 PM
13. Excel Tips
(RM: McMahon)
14. Logos Tell a Story!
—Jensen, Coulter, Gaer
(RM: Anasseri)
15. LEAP Into WIOA: New NRS Reporting for 2017
(RM: Fischthal)
16. Advancing Your Google!
(RM: Vera-Alba)
17. Tech Up Your Citizenship Class
(RM: Winkler)
Session 4
3:40–4:40 PM
18. Excel Tips (repeat)
(RM: Ludlum)
19. The Power of Padlet
(RM: Vera-Alba)
20. Digital Badges to Empower Students
—Rublaitus, Andrade, Ringer, Belcher
(RM: Obermire)
21. Putting English to Work 1 is NOW Online!
—Yung, Pearson
(RM: Zowjah-Malik)

Saturday, March 11

Lab 121
Lab 606
Room 104
Room 110
Room 124
Session 6
10:10–11:10 AM
28. Office 365 for Adult Education (repeat)
(RM: Gonella)
29. Presentations on Steroids!
—Coulter, Gaer, Jensen
(RM: Steimle)
30. Open Source Badges in Moodle
(RM: Young)
Session 7
11:20 AM–12:20 PM
33. Easy eBooks to Support Blended Learning
(RM: Wislofsky)
34. App-LAB
35. DACE Develops Innovative Flipped Learning Training Using Schoology LMS
—Abajian, Bakin, Brigida-Gallegos, Kelley
(RM: Young)
36. Tech Up Your Citizenship Class (Repeat)
(RM: Steimle)
Rooms 105+107
Lunch/App-mazing Race Awards
12:30–1:30 PM
38. APP-mazing Race Finale During Lunch
(RM: Pearson)
TDL Symposium 2017
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