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Adult Education Strategic Plan
Message from our AEO Administrator
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I am pleased to announce the release of the Implementation Guide, which provides a more compressed version of key recommendations from the more comprehensive strategic plan, Linking Adults to Opportunity: Transformation of the California Adult Education Program. The Implementation Guide outlines action steps for both the Adult Education Office and local agencies and is intended to assist Adult Education administrators and staff in supporting the alignment of adult education programming with the education and workforce priorities of the state.

The AEO recognizes that many Adult Education programs are already implementing actions reflected in the Implementation Guide. The goal is to foster the expansion of effective practices that optimize services at the regional level so that these practices can be brought to scale statewide.

The release of the Implementation Guide is timely as we embark on another program year of providing educational services for the betterment of the adults in our state. We know the track record of the California Department of Education's Adult Education Program in the state stands up to scrutiny. We welcome the inquiries from decision-makers who are curious about the role of Adult Education in providing basic skills education, preparation for college and career, and in meeting the workforce needs of regional and state economies. The Implementation Guide is one more document that we can share with stakeholders to demonstrate the responsiveness of the adult education community to current workforce and educational needs.

I look forward to meaningful feedback from the field as we step out together to aggressively address the educational needs of California's adults from a more holistic perspective. We have a prime opportunity to design and implement student support structures in a strategic way so that we can move more learners toward their employment goals faster.

Carpe diem!

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