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Word Salad (Mobile app)

More Ways

Mobile devices, Internet access, projector

Activity Description

Students will create a personality poem along with a word cloud which is uploaded to Flickr and commented on by others.


  1. Download app on student devices.
  2. Create a class flickr  account to upload the word clouds to when completed.
  3. Download and print the Example Document (above), Positive Personality Adjectives.


  1. Pass out the adjective handout. Students should look up adjectives until they find three that fit their personalities.
  2. Have students make a word map for the three adjectives. Here is a sample word map (pdf) from ReadWriteThink.
  3. Have students create poems in a word processor or as a text message on their phone. Use the model in the handout.
  4. Copy and paste the text into the Wordsalad app.
  5. Save the file to the Camera Roll on an iPad/iPhone device) or to the Gallery on an Android device.
  6. Then have students upload the image to your class Flickr account.

Teacher Tips

  • After students upload their Wordsalad's to Flickr, have them comment on each other's work.

More Ways

  • Students can use this app to understand the main idea of a paragraph or reading. Just cut and paste a document from the Web into the app, and the most common words will be the largest, revealing the main idea.



  • Beginning Literacy
  • Beginning Low
  • Beginning High
  • Intermediate Low
  • Intermediate High
  • Advanced
  • All Levels


Basic Communication

  • (0.1) Communicate in interpersonal interactions
  • (0.2) Communicate regarding personal information

Basic Communication

  • (2.1) Use the telephone and similar communication systems

Basic Communication

  • (7.2) Demonstrate ability to use critical thinking skills
  • (7.3) Demonstrate ability to use problem-solving skills
  • (7.7) Demonstrate the ability to use information and communication technology
  • (7.6) Demonstrate the ability to view the media critically

Mobile Device


  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android Phone
  • Android Tablet

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Google Store

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