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Using English: Good and Well Quiz

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required


Website Example:

More Ways

Computer(s), Internet access, projector

Activity Description

Use this quiz as a whole-class grammar review activity or assign to students for individual use in a computer lab setting for practicing the difference between "good" and "well."


  1. Make sure that the Web site is not blocked at your school before using it with students.
  2. Go through the quiz yourself in order to anticipate students' difficulties and questions.
  3. Each quiz is also available as a printable handout. Select the As a Printable Handout link and Print this Page button to print. You may choose to print and photocopy the quiz questions and distribute to students so that they can answer the questions on paper before using the computer. An answer key is provided by selecting the Click here for the answer sheet link at the bottom of the quiz.


  1. If you have downloaded the handout of the quiz questions from the Web site and photocopied it for your class, distribute to students. Give them time to answer the questions. Optionally, you can have them compare their answers with classmates before doing the quiz on the computer.
  2. Open the Example Web Site link (above) for the quiz and project it. (To make the questions larger, hold down the control key and the press the plus key [Ctrl] + [+] on your keyboard. Conversely, the control key and the minus key will zoom out.)
  3. You can call on individuals, pairs, small groups, or the whole class to answer the multiple choice questions or you can have students come up to select their answers.
  4. After all of the questions are answered, select the Grade Me! button to see the score and other statistics.
  5. Review the questions that students answer incorrectly.
  6. Optionally, take the quiz again.

Teacher Tips

  • The quizzes are best used as review or formative assessment tools at the point in your lessons when you want to check that students are satisfactorily learning what you have taught; however, they can be used as diagnostic or summative assessment resources, as well.

More Ways

  • You can use the site simply to find handouts. The site's full set of 499 quizzes, including extra exercises for both levels together with additional quizzes for advanced level students, are available in the Members' Area (free account). There are many other resources available for teachers, including lesson plans, articles, and forums.
  • There are more than 286 free public English language quizzes covering grammar, usage, and vocabulary for Beginning and Intermediate level English students and 220 more for those who have chosen to be members. Find other quizzes that meets your lesson objectives and use them too.


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