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Sheppard Software's U.S. Government Games

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required


More Ways

Computer(s), Internet access, projector

Activity Description

An interactive Web site with U.S. government games on a number of topics including Checks & Balances, Branches of Government, members of the current administration, and the roles of the members of the Executive branch.


  1. Be sure your computer has the appropriate plug-ins to play the games.
  2. Play the games and decide which seems appropriate for your students.
  3. Decide if you want this to be a group or individual activity.


  1. Either as a class or individually, have students visit the Web site and select the game you have chosen.
  2. Play the game and discuss any points the students have trouble answering.

More Ways

This Web site has a wide variety of games on different topics, including vocabulary games, and more.


  • Intermediate High
  • Advanced


Basic Communication

  • (5.5) Understand the functions of government
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