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Road to Grammar: Adjectives

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required


Website Example:

More Ways

Computer(s), Internet access, optional projector (for class presentation)

Activity Description

After teaching participial adjectives, a teacher could review or do a formative assessment in class using Quiz #3 "Adjectives with -ed and -ing." The exercise could also be assigned for additional individual practice in a lab or outside of class. If students need to review, they can select "Notes" for an explanation of the grammar point. There are 26 questions total for Quiz #3.


  1. Make sure site is not blocked at your school.
  2. Confirm that necessarily plug-ins are installed before doing some of the games.
  3. Try out the exercise you plan to use on the computer(s) before having students try it.
  4. Pre-teach vocabulary/grammar structures your students may not know and to make sure you know how to explain the answers to questions students get wrong and do not understand.
  5. Check for answers you may not agree with.
  6. Print out any handouts you decide to use.


  1. Go to the Example Web Site above. Scroll down the list of quizzes.
  2. Select the quiz you want to use and select "Start." For this activity we are using Quiz 3.
  3. Have students write down, call out, or select their answers to the multiple-choice questions. The site will provide immediate feedback on the accuracy of the selected answer.
  4. Select "Next" to continue to the next question.

More Ways

  • The site is best used for review and practice for grammar or vocabulary content already covered in an ESL or grammar class. (There are over 300 quizzes.)
  • In a quiz, select the PDF icon (which appears in the upper right corner of the quiz question boxes after you have chosen "Start") to download a printable handout of the quiz questions and an answer key. Students could answer the questions on paper first and then check their answers as a whole class using the online quiz.
  • There is a blog with articles and links , especially useful for ESL and grammar teachers. (The link to the blog is found by scrolling down the page, under the "Search" box.)
  • Select the "Downloads" button and you will find useful handouts including 8 PDF handouts for students (grammar, presentations, pronunciations, confusing words, etc.) and 10 for teachers (how to teach writing, ESL, warm-ups/discussion, conversation starters, etc.).
  • On the "Extra Practice" page (select the button), there are other types of quizzes, one of which would be good for low levels who are learning household items .


  • Beginning Literacy
  • Beginning Low
  • Beginning High
  • Intermediate Low
  • Intermediate High
  • Advanced
  • All Levels
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