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Resources for Student Activities with an Interactive Whiteboard

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Computer, Internet access, projector, interactive whiteboard

Activity Description

This is a collection of resources for a teacher with an interactive whiteboard who is looking for ways to use it in the classroom. The site has links to "how to" videos for both SmartBoard and Promethean Activboard, along with links to many types of sites to project on the board, and other activities.


This is not a specific classroom activity, it is a collection of resources for the teacher.


  1. Check out the variety of resources on this site. Select one to try with your students. For example, there are many PowerPoint templates for games that can be projected and played with the whole class.
  2. There are also many interactive Web sites that work well with an interactive whiteboard. A few are listed under the section labeled Interactive Websites for Both Platforms. Those that work well for ABE might include:

Teacher Tips

  • Do not select any of the big green buttons on this page. They are all advertising, so you will want avoid them.


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  • All Levels
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