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Quia Shared Activities: Parts of Speech Game

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required


Website Example:

More Ways

Computer(s), Internet access, projector

Activity Description

Use one of the Web site's more than 800 free, shared activities can be used as a warm-up or filler, or for reinforcement and review for listening, reading, vocabulary, or grammar. Students can be assigned to practice individually, but the activities may best be used as whole-class fun games. The example activity can be used as a whole-class review of the parts of speech.


  1. Make sure that the Web site is not blocked at your school before using it with students.
  2. Many of the activities require Java (a browser add-on), so make sure it is installed.
  3. To use the activity on parts of speech, go to the Web Site Example (above). The objective of this activity would be to review of the principal parts of speech.
  4. If you would like students to work on the questions on a handout, select "Print" in the tool box in the top right, print the handout and photocopy it for students.
  5. If this activity does not work for your current unit of study, go to the Web Site link (above) and do a search for other activities that might work for your lesson objectives.


  1. Open the Web Site Example link (above).
  2. For a team competition, you can divide the class into two or more teams.
  3. Display the first question and allow students from Team 1 to consult with each other. A student from Team 1 will answer the question. If the team gets the answer correct, award one point. If the team answers incorrectly, allow Team 2 to steal.
  4. Continue the game until all the questions are finished.
  5. You can find other parts of speech activities  on the site if you want the game to continue to a second round.
  6. Review questions that teams had difficulties answering.

Teacher Tips

  • Some of the site's activities have handouts. Select Print in the toolbox.
  • You can also e-mail some of the activities to yourself or your students by selecting "Email to a friend" when you see that option in the toolbox.

More Ways

  • The site has many free activities produced by other teachers. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial  and create your own activities.
  • There is a tutorial  that explains how to create an account.
  • The free shared activities on the site include quizzes, games such as Battleship, Challenge Board, Rags to Riches, Hangman, and activities include Cloze, Pop-Ups, Order Lists, Jumbled Words, and Columns.
  • There are 869 free shared activities for ESL. You can limit the results to find activities related to your lesson objectives by using the filter drop-downs.
  • There are shared activities for many other subjects  including American History, Anatomy, Art, Biology, Botany, Citizenship, Geography, Science, Government, Health, Math, Reading, Vocabulary, Spelling, US History and many others. For CTE you will find Accounting, Computer Applications, Hairdressing, HTML, Information Technology, Keyboarding, Medical Terminology, Medicine, Nursing, and Physiology.


  • Beginning Literacy
  • Beginning Low
  • Beginning High
  • Intermediate Low
  • Intermediate High
  • Advanced
  • All Levels
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