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Passport to English: Health Reading Activity

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required


Website Example:

More Ways

Computer(s), Internet access, and headphones for each student

Activity Description

In this activity, students read a list of tips for losing weight, make sentences about what they should and should not do based on the advice, and write what they should and have to do to be healthy on the Passport to English blog.


  1. Review the activity and how the site works so you are comfortable with it in class.
  2. Pre-teach any basic Internet navigation and keyboarding skills your students are not familiar with to be able to complete the activity.
  3. Put the link to this activity on the desktop of each student computer or on your class Web page. (You have one don't you?)


  1. Review the key words found in the reading as well as the following grammar: using "should/shouldn't" for advice and "have to" for expressing obligation.
  2. Have students go to the Web site, read the tips for losing weight, and write sentences about what you should or should not do based on the advice.
  3. Have students describe what they "should" and "have to" do to be healthy.

More Ways

See the links to other activities for this Lesson 12 - Health  lesson including Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening, Dialog, Pronunciation, Dictation, and Game.

Use this site for lessons and exercises for Literacy , Beginning , Intermediate , and Advanced  level students on 15 other topics including:

  • Greetings
  • School
  • People
  • Work
  • Family
  • House
  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Sports/Hobbies
  • Shopping
  • Transportation
  • The City
  • Animals
  • Weather
  • The Future


  • Beginning Low
  • Beginning High


Basic Communication

  • (0.1) Communicate in interpersonal interactions

Basic Communication

  • (3.6) Understand basic health and medical information
  • (3.5) Understand basic principles of health maintenance
  • (3.4) Understand basic safety measures and health risks
  • (3.1) Understand how to access and use the health care system
  • (3.3) Understand how to select and use medications
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