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LoudLit: Audio Readings

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required


More Ways

Computer(s), Internet access

Activity Description

LoudLit offers audible novels, poetry, children's books, historical documents and short stories, complete with the text, making this site useful for ABE, ASE, Family Literacy, Parent Ed, ESL as well as adults with visual disabilities.

Advanced ESL students can follow along with the text as the words are read.

Some items are available for download as well as online listening, making the audio portion portable. Most are in MP3 format so putting the audio on an MP3 player is also possible for mobile learning.


  1. Preview site.
  2. Select Reading.
  3. Create worksheet of questions to guide student reading.


  1. Preview the story, discuss background, characters, setting, plot.
  2. Read/listen together to the beginning.
  3. Discuss what was read.
  4. Use critical thinking questions to generate deeper levels of thought.
  5. Give handout of questions for students to answer as they read.
  6. Assign next section.
  7. Go over answers the next day.
  8. Continue with assigned reading/worksheets and class discussions.

More Ways

Great site for students to use with their children.


  • Advanced
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