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Lanternfish: Halloween Worksheets

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Computer, Internet access, projector (optional)

Activity Description

This site provides a variety of worksheets related to Halloween. This example will focus on Halloween costumes, but there are also crossword puzzles, word searches, writing prompts, and other Halloween activities.


  1. Download the worksheets you will use in class, and make copies. In this example, download Costume Vocabulary Worksheet and also Costume Matching. (You will need to scroll down the page to see the links to these.) There are two levels of Costume Matching.
  2. Make sets of "cards" by cutting up the worksheet so that you have a set of costumes only without the words, enough sets for each group of three or four students to have three sets, mixed together.


  1. Use this lesson in the context of other Halloween resources and discussion.
  2. Once the concept of Halloween and Trick or Treating has been introduced, ask students what costumes they have seen on Halloween, or expect to see.
  3. Make a list of costumes on the board or if available, use a projector and a Word document to create the list..
  4. Depending on the level of your students, you might ask them to write one or two things about each costume, such as "Ghosts wear white sheets," or "A skeleton is made of bones."
  5. Pass out or project the Costume Vocabulary Worksheet. Practice the vocabulary.
  6. Ask students to point to various costumes.
  7. Ask students, "Where is the...?" For example, "Where is the monster? The monster is next to the mummy."
  8. You might also ask higher level questions, such as "Which costume works in the circus?" or "Which costume goes on a boat?"
  9. Place students in groups of four or five. Explain how to play Fish. One student is the dealer, and gives each student three cards. The rest are placed face down in the Draw pile. The student to the right of the dealer starts, and can ask any student for a particular costume. If the answer is no, the student draws a card. If they get what they ask for, they can go again. The goal is to get sets of three and put them down. The student with the most sets in the winner.
  10. Pass out the matching activity, and have students complete it in pairs, discussing their answers.

Teacher Tips

There are many ways to expand on vocabulary activities, such as dictating sentences, writing sentences, asking students to describe a costume and have others guess which one it is. Choose your own favorite vocabulary activities.

More Ways

  • There are many other worksheets for Halloween (and other holidays) on Lanternfish (AKA: Bogglesworld). Take a look at them and see if there are others that would be useful for your students.
  • There is also a multitude of other materials on other topics too numerous to mention that have printable worksheets such as: crossword and word search puzzles on many basic topics;


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