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Guide to Grammar and Writing: Some Rules and Suggestions about Spelling

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required


Website Example:

More Ways

Computer(s), Internet access, projector, speakers and/or headsets

Activity Description

Use this site to teach students about spelling rules in English. You can also assign students to view the site or PowerPoint and take the quizzes on their own as supplemental, extra practice or homework.


  1. Download the PowerPoint  show file from their Web site.
  2. Make sure that the computer you will project the slideshow from has MS PowerPoint or the free PowerPoint viewer, which can be downloaded and installed.
  3. You can also simply print the PowerPoint slides and distribute to your class.
  4. You may want to prepare a listening and note-taking handout for students to follow the lecture and be active listeners.
  5. Another alternative would be to project the Web page - the information on the PowerPoint is also covered there.
  6. Preview the quizzes (scroll down to the bottom of the page) and choose which quiz(zes) you want students to do.
  7. If you would like each student to have a copy of the document Commonly Misspelled Words, download and print it.


  1. Open the PowerPoint (or the Web page).
  2. Present the lecture on techniques for learning spelling and spelling rules. Have students take notes, preferably using a note-taking guide/outline you have created.
  3. As a whole class or in a computer lab with students working individually, have students take the quiz(zes) you have selected.
  4. Follow up with reviewing spelling difficulties students had.
  5. If you printed the document on commonly misspelled words, discuss the list and what you would like students to do with it to learn the words.

Teacher Tips

  • There are seven quizzes, and the final four have audio.
  • The first two quizzes have questions that display words and users must determine if they are spelling correctly or incorrectly. The third quiz asks users to type in words with correct endings (example: pretty + est = ). For the final quizzes, students listen to a word and must type it in correctly.

More Ways

  • The main Web Site (link immediately above) has numerous resources for students and teachers organized under the following including categories:
    • Word & Sentence Level
    • Paragraph level
    • Essay & Research Paper Level
    • Ask grammar, Quizzes, and Search Devices
    • Peripherals and PowerPoints
  • Included in the above categories you will find grammar and writing tutorials, interactive exercises/quizzes, and PowerPoint presentations (with accompanying quizzes) for download. Topics include clauses, commas, sentence fragments, semi-colons, avoiding run-on sentences, diagramming sentences, colons, subject-verb agreement, apostrophes, capital letters, parts of speech, parts of speech, paragraph structure, and sentence structure.
  • The materials, activities, and resources are most appropriate for Advanced ESL students.



  • Advanced


Basic Communication

  • (7.4) Demonstrate study skills
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