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ESL Games Plus: Preposition Interactive Grammar Game

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required


Website Example:

More Ways

Computer(s), Internet access, projector, and optional speakers (for class presentation)

Activity Description

Use this team game in class as a review or practice activity for prepositions.


  1. Make sure the site is not blocked at your school and since this is an Adobe Flash based game, be sure that whatever computers you plan to use it on have the appropriate plug-in.
  2. Go through the questions of the game you plan to use with students ahead of time. Look for answers you may not agree with.


  1. Go to the Example Web Site shown above for the game.
  2. Depending on the number of students in your class, select the number of teams (for this particular game, up to 10 teams).
  3. The first team spins the wheel and either team can raise their hand to answer first. You will need to select the team Voki for the team that wants to answer and then the question will automatically come up.
  4. The team needs to choose the correct answer from the three choices. (There is a time limit.)
  5. Select the team's answer or allow a student from the team to use the mouse to select the team's response. If the team is correct, they get points and they can click the Spin button next; if the team's answer is incorrect, the next team gets a turn to Spin.
  6. You can mute the sound up in the upper right corner of the game area if it becomes annoying.

Teacher Tips

  • This activity and the others on the site are a good way to review content at the beginning of a class or to check for understanding as part of or after a practice activity.
  • The site does have MANY ads. There are many at the top of the page, but they are also placed strategically all over the pages, so if you choose to make this an individual activity rather than a class activity, be sure to instruct students on how to avoid the ads. (A lesson on the pitfalls of the Internet would be very appropriate here.)
  • You will need to scroll down the page on most browsers to see the game.
  • Recommended browsers (in order of the site's preference) are Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

More Ways

  • The site has numerous games (such as Jeopardy, memory, matching, racing, and other game show competition formats), interactive exercises for grammar (verb tenses and parts of speech), and vocabulary (with audio) for all levels. (See the Web Site link immediately above.)
  • Students may enjoy using the site on their own for supplemental practice in a computer lab or outside of class.
  • The games are organized by type of game, topic, and some are printable.


  • Beginning High
  • Intermediate Low


Basic Communication

  • (0.1) Communicate in interpersonal interactions

Basic Communication

  • (7.3) Demonstrate ability to use problem-solving skills
  • (7.4) Demonstrate study skills
  • (7.7) Demonstrate the ability to use information and communication technology
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