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EL Civics for ESL Students: Fourth of July

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Computer(s), Internet access, projector

Activity Description

This multilevel lesson about the Fourth of July includes a detailed lesson plan ,PowerPoint presentation , a comprehension check worksheet , a Fireworks Safety printing practice activity  for Literacy-level students, an Independence Day Picnic writing activity , a Potato Salad Recipe (with comprehension questions) , a Find the Differences worksheet , and a Fourth of July Crossword Puzzle .


  1. Review the lesson plan and materials.
  2. Select the materials that are suitable for your level.


  1. Ask students to identify the upcoming holiday. Solicit responses and write them on the board (Independence Day, Fourth of July, July 4th, etc.).
  2. Ask students to share what they know about this holiday to activate background knowledge. Write their responses on the board.
  3. Show the PowerPoint presentation, explaining any unknown words and phrases.
  4. Distribute the  comprehension check worksheet and have students complete it in pairs. Review the answers as a whole class.
  5. Have students complete the other activities you selected and review their answers.


  • Beginning Literacy
  • Beginning Low
  • Beginning High


Basic Communication

  • (2.7) Understand aspects of society and culture

Basic Communication

  • (5.6) Understand civic responsibilities and activities
  • (5.2) Understand historical and geographical information
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