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Edufind English Language Tests and Quizzes: Articles Quiz

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required


More Ways

Computer(s), Internet access, projector (optional)

Activity Description

Use this Web site’s grammar quizzes for review, practice, or formative assessment of grammar points, parts of speech, and grammar structures you have taught. The sample five-question quiz is a sentence reading activity in which students identify incorrectly used definite and indefinite articles (a, an, the) in sentences. It could also be used a diagnostic tool to find out whether your students understand how to use articles correctly before teaching their rules for use.


  1. Make sure that the site is not blocked at your school before using it with students.
  2. Do the quiz yourself in order to anticipate students' questions and difficulties.
  3. Make sure that the quiz works on the computer(s) you or your students will use to ensure that necessary plug-ins are installed.
  4. If this activity is not appropriate for your students, select a quiz from the list that suits your students' level of English and matches with your grammar teaching objectives (Select the Web Site link below for more quizzes.)


  1. Open the Example Web Site (above).
  2. Select Start Test.
  3. Read the Remarks (directions for doing the quiz).
  4. Select the arrow button above Start Test.
  5. For this quiz, each item consists of a single sentence with four selected parts (noun phrases with articles or articles alone). Three of the selected parts are correct; one is incorrect. Choose the selected part that is incorrect by selecting A, B, C, or D. Immediate feedback is provided on the accuracy of the selected answer. If your answer is correct, select the arrow in the bottom right corner next to the words “try the next question” to go to the next question. If your answer is incorrect, your answer and the correct answer will be displayed and then you can go to the next question.
  6. The quiz has a total of only five questions. If many were incorrect, have students take the test again or go to the site’s English Grammar Categories  section and review articles by viewing the online explanation (under Determiners) .

Teacher Tips

  • The grammar quiz list on the Web site (see below) contains interactive Flash grammar exercises on dependent clauses, active vs. passive voices, adjectives and adverbs, adjectives and nouns, articles, comparisons, conjunctions, noun clauses, pronouns, prepositions, parallelism, verb tenses, and more.

More Ways

  • For tutorials/informative grammar guides with examples, see the Web site’s Grammar Topics  section.
  • Students can be referred to the site for extra supplemental study, and teachers can get ideas for how to teach specific grammar points.


  • Intermediate Low
  • Intermediate High
  • Advanced


Basic Communication

  • (7.2) Demonstrate ability to use critical thinking skills
  • (7.3) Demonstrate ability to use problem-solving skills
  • (7.4) Demonstrate study skills
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