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Eclipse Crossword: Vocabulary & Grammar Practice with Crossword Puzzles

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Computer, Internet access

Activity Description

This program must be downloaded to a Window PC. It does not work with apple devices, tablets or phones.Create interactive and/or printable crossword puzzles with Eclipse Crossword to help your students review vocabulary.


  1. Download and install the Eclipse Crossword software by visiting the Example Web Site (above) and selecting the Download button at the top of the page.
  2. The first time you use the software, you will be offered a tutorial to get you started. Here is a link to the tutorial  if you want to return to it at a later time. Create your puzzle by following the instructions.
  3. To publish your crossword puzzle with Microsoft Word, follow these instructions .


  1. Provide your students with a printed copy of the crossword puzzle or direct them to the interactive version.
  2. Have students complete the crossword puzzle in class or do it as a homework assignment.

Teacher Tips


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