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CNN Student News: Daily News Program

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required


Website Example:

More Ways

Computer, Internet access, projector, speakers

Activity Description

Provide listening and speaking practice on current events with CNN Student News, a ten-minute, commercial-free, daily news program produced by the journalists and educators at CNN. This award-winning show and its companion Web site are available free of charge throughout the school year and transcripts for each show as well as daily discussion questions are provided for classroom use.


  1. Visit CNN Student News and preview the day's 10-minute video and/or read the daily transcript.
  2. Preview the Daily Discussion questions to determine which questions you want to use.
  3. Download and make available any maps or other print materials your students may need.
  4. To get advance information about each day's show, sign up for the Daily Education Alert .


  1. Ask students to identify possible topics for the day's video (current events related to weather, politics, etc.). List these on the board.
  2. Tell students the topic of today's video and generate a discussion to activate background knowledge. Have students identify vocabulary associated with the topic and write these words on the board.
  3. Have students predict what kind of information will be included in the video and write these predictions on the board.
  4. Show the day's CNN Student News video and encourage the students to take notes.
  5. Review the students' predictions and have them identify which predictions were correct.
  6. Display the daily discussion questions and have students discuss them in small groups.
  7. Lead a whole-class discussion about the questions.

Teacher Tips

  • Make students aware of the pre-listening strategies used (activating background knowledge, predicting) and encourage them to use these strategies when listening outside of the classroom.
  • Also, be sure to choose news stories of interest to most of your students. You can also look in the Archive section if the current day's video is not useful.

More Ways

  • You may wish to have students write their responses to the discussion questions after their small group discussions.
  • Look in the archive for older videos that you can use for other writing or discussion topics.


  • Intermediate High
  • Advanced


Basic Communication

  • (7.2) Demonstrate ability to use critical thinking skills
  • (7.6) Demonstrate the ability to view the media critically
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