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Cloze Test Creator

Example Web Site and/or Technical Equipment Required


More Ways

Computer(s), Internet access, optional projector (for class presentation)

Activity Description

Use this Web site to make interactive Web-based cloze reading exercises using texts you copy and paste into the site. The exercises can be saved and shared, by embedding on a class Web site for whole-class or individual student practice.


  1. Select a text that has already been used for reading practice in class, or that is related to course content.
  2. Choose the focus of the activity - grammar/sentence structure (syntax) or vocabulary.
  3. Practice using the Web site before creating the activity to become familiar with the steps of creating an activity.


  1. Follow the instructions provided for creating the activity (see Example Document 1 above).
  2. Open the activity on a classroom computer and project it with an LCD projector or share the activity (saved on the desktop or embedded on a class Web page) with students in a computer lab setting.
  3. Explain the cloze activity to students, modeling how to do the activity.
  4. Have students complete the activity individually, in pairs, or as a whole-class activity.

Teacher Tips

  • Cloze exercises are fill-in-the blank activities in which students demonstrate comprehension of vocabulary and idioms in context, forms and functions of parts of speech, word associations and collocations, and word order. These activities help reinforce instruction or can be used for testing purposes.

More Ways

  • At beginning literacy levels, cloze exercises can be single sentences, and for higher levels be based on paragraphs and longer texts.
  • If students need targeted practice in improving listening skills, the print-out versions of cloze exercises can be used for listening cloze (dictation fill-in) exercises.



  • Beginning Literacy
  • Beginning Low
  • Beginning High
  • Intermediate Low
  • Intermediate High
  • Advanced
  • All Levels


Basic Communication

  • (7.2) Demonstrate ability to use critical thinking skills
  • (7.4) Demonstrate study skills
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