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School-to-work transition: its role in achieving universal literacy

Series or Serial: Digest 106

Publisher: The Ohio State University

Published At: Columbus, OH

Date Published: 1991

Distributor: ERIC Clearinghouse on Adult, Career, and Vocational Education, Center on Education and Training for Employment, The Ohio State University

Source Address: 1900 Kenny Road

Source City/State/Zip: Columbus OH 43210

Phone: 800-848-4815

Material Type: Information Analysis

Intended Audience: Policy Maker

Physical Media: Print

Subjects: Education Work Relationship; Adult Literacy; Employment; Basic Skills

The digest reviews the national education objective of strengthening the connection between education and work. The major topics are: (1) the need for effective school-to-work transition and its relationship to the goal; (2) the current status of business involvement in school-to-work transition; and (3) common elements of effective connections between education and work. References are included.

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