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Integrating SCANS competencies into ESL instruction resource packet

Publisher: Spring Institute for International Studies

Published At: Denver, CO

Date Published: 1999

Distributor: Spring Institute for International Studies, English Language Training/Technical Assistance Project

Source Address: 1610 Emerson Street

Source City/State/Zip: Denver CO 80218-1412

Phone: 303-863-0188

Material Type: Teaching Guide

Intended Audience: Mentor/Teacher/Trainer

Physical Media: Print

Physical Description: 150 p.

Subjects: Adult Education; Job Skills; Employment Potential; Skill Development; Basic Skills; Communication Skills; Thinking Skills; Teamwork; Teaching Methods; Lesson Plans; Cooperative Learning

This resource book provides teachers with ideas and activities for integrating into English language instruction for adults the competencies identified in a report produced by the Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS). SCANS identifies basic and thinking skills, personal qualities, and five competency areas -- resources, interpersonal, information, systems, and technology. Included in the manual are instructional strategy choices, classroom management techniques, and reflection and application activities. Adult ESL instructors, mostly from California, who provided the sample lessons are recognized in the Acknowledgements.The electronic version does not include section four of the library (print) version which is a sample demonstration instructional lesson.

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