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Improving employment and earnings for TANF recipients

Series or Serial: Brief #06

Corporate Name: Urban Institute

Publisher: Urban Institute

Published At: Washington, DC

Date Published: March 2012

Distributor: The Urban Institute

Source Address: 2100 M. St., N.W.

Source City/State/Zip: Washington DC 20037

Material Type: Information Analysis

Intended Audience: Policy Maker

Physical Media: Print

Physical Description: 10 p.

Subjects: Education Work Relationship; Welfare Recipients; Welfare Services

This research brief reviews strategies found effective in increasing employment and earnings among welfare recipients to reduce their long-term reliance on welfare benefits. The findings show a clear role for skills enhancement, but also suggest balancing a focus on job-seeking and work with goal-directed education and training. Promising programmatic tools identified include financial incentives to increase job retention and earnings, as well as participation in and completion of education and training, experienced job placement intermediaries to help welfare recipients find and move into better jobs; and high-quality sectoral training with strong employer ties. While several strategies were found effective, they have not proven to be transformational, and thus, the brief indicates, much still remains to be learned about how best to increase the self-sufficiency and financial well-being of low-income parents.

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