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Teaching reading to adult English language learners: a reading instruction staff development program

Corporate Name: Prepared by the Center for Applied Linguistics

Publisher: Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center

Published At: Richmond, VA

Date Published: June 2005

Distributor: Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center

Source Address: 817 W. Franklin Street, Room 221; P.O. Box 842037

Source City/State/Zip: Richmond VA 23284-2037

Phone: 804-828-6521

Material Type: Teaching Guide

Intended Audience: Mentor/Teacher/Trainer

Physical Media: Print

Physical Description: 250 p.

Subjects: Staff Development; Adult Educators; Reading Instruction; English (Second Language); Adult Reading Programs; Family English Literacy; Reading Strategies; Adult Literacy; Second Language Learning; Adult Learning; Adult Education

This guide provides a trainer the material to acquaint program participants with the fundamental knowledge and skills required to teach reading effectively to adult, nonnative speakers of English. Content is based on research on the reading process in general, on the process of learning to read as an adult, and learning to read in another language. Document contents include a Training Overview/Schedule, and four session topics: Introduction to Teaching Reading, Selecting Appropriate Texts and Developing a Good Reading Lesson, Focus on Pre-Reading, and Putting a Reading Lesson Together.

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