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Model achievement programs for students

Corporate Name: Applied Management and Planning Group

Publisher: Applied Management & Planning Group

Published At: Los Angeles, CA

Date Published: 1993

Distributor: Applied Management and Planning Group

Source Address: 12300 Wilshire Boulevard

Source City/State/Zip: Los Angeles CA 90025

Phone: 310-820-0741

Material Type: Contractor Report

Intended Audience: General

Physical Media: Print

Subjects: Demonstration Programs; Literacy Education; Dropout Programs; Vocational Education; Education Work Relationship

Model Achievement Programs for Students (MAPS) are the product of an effort to formally identify, evaluate, and document model programs which are part of the JTPA-Education coordination set-aside effort commonly known as 8%. Implementors for a total of fourteen exemplary programs in three areas (youth, adult and youth/adult) are described here, with information on successful strategies. The programs provide literacy instruction, education and training, dropout prevention and recovery, and school-to-work programs.Moved from CDE Info/Model Practices (Best Practices)

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