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Literacy training for the homeless: guidelines for effective programs

Publisher: University of the State of New York

Published At: Albany, NY

Date Published: [1990]

Distributor: University of the State of New York, the State Education Department, Bureau of Continuing Education Program Development

Source Address: 5-D-28, Cultural Education Center

Source City/State/Zip: Albany New York 12230

Phone: (518) 474-8940

Material Type: Guide

Intended Audience: Program Manager

Physical Media: Print

Subjects: Homeless People; Adult Literacy; Program Development

The guidebook results from a 353 Special Demonstration Project to research what was known about serving homeless adults as learners and what models, current practices, and materials were being used. Research was done by telephone interviews with the staff of 19 homeless shelters in 10 states, site visits at 8 New York shelter programs, and a review of the literature. Sections of the guidebook are the following: program structures and resources; recruitment and retention of homeless learners; program content; evaluating program outcomes; and sample lesson plans.

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