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Functional context education: making learning relevant in the 21st century

Series or Serial: Functional Context Education (FCE)

Publisher: National Adult Literacy Database Inc.

Published At: Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Date Published: Sept 2005

Distributor: National Adult Literacy Database Inc.

Source Address: Scovil House, 703 Brunswick Street

Source City/State/Zip: Fredericton New Brunswick, Canada E3B 1H8

Phone: (506) 457-6900

Material Type: Research/Technical Report

Intended Audience: Mentor/Teacher/Trainer

Physical Media: Print

Physical Description: 47 p.

Subjects: Adult Basic Education; Adult Education; Adult Literacy; Basic Skills; Vocational Education; Workplace Literacy; Community Based Education; Technology Education; Research

In this paper, the author provides an introduction to and historical perspective of Functional Context Education, as well as information pertaining to research and development related to FCE principles and methods. Case study data is included. Article may also be accessed from the NALD website at

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