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Freirean approach to adult literacy education

Series or Serial: National Clearinghouse on Literacy Education Q & A

Publisher: Center for Applied Linguistics

Published At: Washington, DC

Date Published: 1990

Distributor: Center for Applied Linguistics

Source Address: 1118 22nd Street, NW

Source City/State/Zip: Washington DC 20037

Phone: 202-429-9292

Material Type: Teaching Guide

Intended Audience: Mentor/Teacher/Trainer

Physical Media: Print

Subjects: Adult Literacy; Participation; Problem Solving

The paper answers the questions: "What is the Freirean approach?" "What are the key features of the Freirean Approach?" "How is the Freirean approach used in native language literacy education?" "How can the Freirean approach be adapted for use in ESL literacy education?" "How can the curriculum be based on students' life experiences and cultures when teachers do not speak students' languages?" "Can the Freirean approach be used with competency-based approaches to ESL?" "Where can I learn more about adapting the Freirean approach to my program?" References are included.

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