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Adult literacy and education in America: four studies based on the national adult literacy survey

Publisher: National Center for Education Statistics

Published At: Washington, DC

Date Published: 11/10/2001

Distributor: National Center for Education Statistics

Source Address: 1990 K Street, NW

Source City/State/Zip: Washington DC 20006

Phone: 202-502-7300

Material Type: Statistical Data

Intended Audience: Policy Maker

Physical Media: Print

Physical Description: 256 p.

Subjects: Adult Education; Adult Literacy; Educational Attainment; Employment; High School Graduates

This report analyzes the literacy proficiencies of the nation’s adults in relation to their schooling, with a special focus on adults who did not complete high school, those whose proficiencies were below average, and those who enrolled in programs to improve their basic literacy. The findings were based on data from the 1992 National Adult Literacy Survey. Field staff for this survey interviewed nearly 13,600 individuals aged 16 and older throughout the nation, as well as adults 16 to 65 years old in each of eleven states that chose to participate in a special study designed to provide state-level results. This 1992 survey measured literacy proficiencies using performance across a wide array of tasks that reflect the types of reading materials and literacy demands that adults encounter in their daily lives.

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