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Curriculum Offers: Learning Upgrade

Learning Upgrade offers free 3-month pilots that provides students with unlimited access to engaging standards based courses. Teachers get full access to the powerful Learning Upgrade LMS for tracking and monitoring student activity. Sign up here:

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Digital Literacy

The highly anticipated new Digital Literacy course in the Learning Upgrade program teaches digital literacy standards.  The 60 engaging lessons use video, music, games, and rewards to help learners understand difficult tech topics. Learners get experience with content creation, messaging, data, privacy, security, and digital citizenship.

Digital Literacy


English Upgrade:

The English Upgrade five-course strand moves students from early reading and grammar to advanced comprehension and writing through a sequence of 360 engaging lessons. Students start at their level and rapidly grow to become proficient readers comfortable using academic language.
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English Upgrade


Math Upgrade:

The Math Upgrade nine-course strand helps students overcome math struggles and become confident problem solvers ready for success in math classes and tests. Students start at their level and quickly fill in gaps to reach proficiency through interactive lessons filled with video, practice, and help.
Lesson List | CASAS

Math Upgrade


Algebra Upgrade and Pre-Algebra Upgrade

The Algebra and Pre-Algebra Upgrade courses prepare students for success in math classes and passing difficult tests. These courses go beyond simple practice to help students learn difficult concepts through video and interactive games. Students gain the confidence to solve a variety of problems step-by-step on their own.
Lesson List

Algebra Upgrade


GED® Math and HiSET® Math

The GED® Math and HiSET® Math courses prepare learners for success on these challenging tests with engaging lessons that teach the key math topics and valuable problem solving activities. The courses go far beyond simple practice tests to actually teach learners the math they need and give learners confidence to pass the test. Learners move through 60 sequenced lessons that build up their math skills and then master a final challenge to prepare them for test success.
Lesson List

GED Math


Reading Upgrade and Comprehension Upgrade

The Reading Upgrade course provides rapid intervention for students struggling to read proficiency. This includes students with reading difficulties including dyslexia, English learners, and older students who need to learn reading fundamentals. The Comprehension Upgrade course helps students master the understanding of complex passages including literature, social studies, and science texts. Students learn key concepts like main idea and point of view through videos, examples, and practice questions.
Lesson List

Reading Upgrade

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