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Curriculum Offers: CK-12

CK-12 offers fully customizable curriculum covering math and science. In addition, our users have used the CK-12 platform to create content in non-STEM areas like social studies and economics. The best part of CK-12 is that users can change the order and content to exactly match their scope and sequence.


Here is the webpage for our newest FlexBook 2.0 platform: There you will find all the newest books that cover math and science with integrated adaptive practice, interactives, and engaging content.

WEBINAR: Maximizing the New FlexBook® 2.0 Interactive Platform


PRACTICE: Browse the CK-12 Adaptive Practice

WEBINAR: All About CK-12's Adaptive Practice


WEBINAR: Getting Started with CK-12 Interactives

Browse the CK-12 PLIX Interactives
These interactives covering all the branches of math and science are a great way to start class. Each has five questions per interactive that help the student understand the concept better. The last question is always an OPEN DISCUSSION question that you can use to talk with the whole class about the concept.

Browse the CK-12 Simulations
These simulations allow students to "dig deep" into physics and chemistry as they control multiple variable to learn and explore concepts in a way never before possible.


Educators gain knowledge of the CK-12 platform to better engage students and improve learning. The CEP is flexible and free - like CK-12's resources. Professional development certificates are issued detailing hours and topics covered. Register today and join us July 8 - 19, 2019.


Throughout the school year, we offer one hour webinars to help educators get up and running with CK-12. At any time, you can watch the archived version at your convenience. Check them out at:

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Contact OTAN by email: or phone at 916-228-2580 for more information.

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