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Leading adult education through support for and the effective application of technology.

About Us

Meet the Staff

Renee Collins

Renee Collins,

Director, Adult Education
Cheryl Young

Cheryl Young,

Administrative Assistant
Diana Volosenco

Diana Volosenco,

Staff Secretary
Anthony Burik

Anthony Burik,

Coordinator, OTAN Distance Learning Projects
Neda Anasseri

Neda Anasseri,

Coordinator, Technology Projects
Melinda Holt

Melinda Holt,

Project Specialist II, Technology Integrator
Karin de Varennes

Karin de Varennes,

Project Specialist II, Technology Projects
Marjorie Olavides

Marjorie Olavides,

Project Specialist I, Technology Training
Angela Steele

Angela Steele,

Lead App Developer / Programming Coordinator
Jong Choi

Jong Choi,

Program Specialist II, Programming Application Development
Yolanda O'Shea

Yolanda O'Shea,

Database Designer
Inna Linnyk

Inna Linnyk,

Project Specialist II, Programming Application Development
Justin Timko

Justin Timko,

Project Specialist II, Programming Application Development
Michael Pierce

Michael Pierce,

Multimedia Design Specialist - IMS
David Espinoza

David Espinoza,

Senior MIS Specialist
Doug Rennie

Doug Rennie,

Video Production Specialist
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OTAN activities are funded by contract CN220124 from the Adult Education Office, in the Career & College Transition Division, California Department of Education, with funds provided through Federal P.L., 105-220, Section 223. However, OTAN content does not necessarily reflect the position of that department or the U.S. Department of Education.