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CK-12 Series Part 1: Free Digital Textbooks for Adult Education

Adult learners have a space on the CK-12 website with FlexBooks® 2.0 specifically customized for high school and equivalency learners. CK-12 helps tailor the learning to individual student needs and they offer teachers suggested steps for struggling learners and automatic grading. Each FlexBook® 2.0 is filled with simulations, videos, interactive activities, and adaptive practice This is the first in a 3-part series - Introduction to CK-12 for Adult Education CK-12 creates high-quality and free resources that are easy to use in any type of remote, hybrid, or in-class learning situation. We’ll walk you through best practices in navigating the site for Adult Education resources and do a thorough demonstration of all the features in the deeply interactive digital textbooks (FlexBooks® 2.0). You'll feel confident in exploring the site and leave with impactful resources ready-to-use with your adult learners.

Neda Anasseri, OTAN Project Coordinator
Debbie Jensen, OTAN Subject Matter Expert
Lindsay Kincaid,

DATE: 04/07/21

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