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OTAN Tech Talk - Google Keep For Teachers

OTAN Tech Talks

OTAN Tech Talks (OTTs) keep your skills current and relevant with education technology, blended learning, distance learning, formative assessments, communications, and more.

Are you addicted to sticky notes? Learn how Google Keep can help you revolutionize your desktop and help you stay organized. This resource can hope you create digital sticky notes that can be customized and shared. This workshop will teach you how this web-based application can be used to create and share notes, list and reminders. Google Keep can be used by both teachers and students to manage projects, set goals, communicate and collaborate.

This session is meant to orient teachers and/or administrators to the course and how it could be incorporated into their ESL curriculum. This course will be made available by OTAN at no cost to California adult education agencies.

PRESENTERS: Yecsenia Delgado, Hacienda La Puente Adult Education and OTAN Subject Matter Expert

DATE: 06/09/2023

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