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Leading adult education through support for and the effective application of technology.

OTAN Tech Talk - CA Digital Leaders: Benefits of a 2 Years Leadership Academy

OTAN Tech Talks

Join us and learn about OTAN's Digital Leadership Academy!

This OTT will detail the mission and goals of the Digital Leadership Academy and provide information on how agencies can apply for the upcoming two-year project.

DLAC provides the time and continuing support to agencies through mentor-coaches, technology integration assistance, and program development counseling. The academy also provides teachers with coaching opportunities and assists agencies in meeting their technology integration, distance learning, and blended teaching program goals and development. Agency goals range from broad-based program development for a fully implemented distance learning program in ABE and ESL, to coaching programs that assist teachers to implement technology into day-to-day teaching.

PRESENTER: Neda Anasseri, Technology Projects Coordinator, OTAN

DATE: 05/13/2022

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