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OTAN Tech Talk - Internet Safety for Teachers and Students

OTAN Tech Talks

OTAN Session Description: Ever wonder how you can keep yourself and your learners safe when online - is that even possible? It is possible and you can use mobile devices, apps and online tools effectively and safely. During this OTT, the presenter will: 1. explain what a web presence is, 2. show how to design and maintain a presence online that suits the individual personally and professionally, 3. explain detection techniques to avoid scams such as pharming, phishing and smashing (and to explain what those terms mean) 4. have participants become more aware of phone settings to increase mobile safety, 5. show how to use the Internet safely.

Presenter Name: Susan Gaer

Presenter Title: Professor Emeritus - Santa Ana Community College, CATESOL President, and OTAN Subject Matter Expert

OTAN Host: Melinda Holt, Project Specialist II

Date: February 14, 2020

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