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TDLS 2022 - Connecting Strengths, Interests and Values to Education and Careers


Students within San Diego Adult schools are given a strengths inventory upon entry into our schools to identify the unique gifts each student possesses. The results are shared with the student and the instructor has the ability to discuss potential career options that might be of interest to the student in the future. The SDAS counselor reviews the results of the strengths inventory and promotes an educational plan that aligns with the career plans of the student. During this presentation participants will learn about the power of identifying the strengths, interests, and values of our students and how this information can inform instructional opportunities that meet career aspirations. The presenters will demonstrate our orientation process and how we track progress for the students as they complete their journey through our schools.

Nate Sachdeva - SDUSD
Nicole Lincoln - San Diego Adult Schools - San Diego Unified School District
Kirsley Tate - San Diego Adult Schools - San Diego Unified School District

DATE: 03/04/2022

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